Why Wearing the Right Top is Appealing


Choosing the right top to go with your outfit may be at the top of your list. Others may not feel this way. Here are some reasons why stylish women feel that a top is the most important piece to go with an outfit.

Make a Statement

Wearing bold words can have a powerful effect on someone. Speaking out about a worthy cause like animal rights, the environment or social justice provides meaning for people with deep feelings about a particularly jarring issue. A Marilyn Monroe inspired top is reminiscent of old movies and Andy Warhol. It is often artistic, iconic and makes a statement that the wearer may be a lover of innocence and beauty. Be an individual by showing how you really feel and maybe even make a positive change by helping someone else understand your point of view. Some women style an outfit around that perfect top bought at a favorite boutique. Whatever top you choose you may find a voice or even a purpose when making a statement.

Show Your Personality

It may be great entertainment to wear women’s shirts that bring out your personality. A red blouse might mean you’re loud and proud. A pastel sweater could promote a softer, sweeter side. Your girly side might come out with bows and frills. Lace could communicate an attractive demeanor or vintage preferences. If you’re a more charitable, selfless person your choice of top might have been bought from a thrift store. Let your unique personality show with bold or soft hues. Promote what you love with your fashion decisions. An intellectual inclination to read books could be expressed through your smart glasses, trousers and sweater vest.

Brings the Outfit Together

No outfit is complete without a top that matches appropriately. The right style makes the best first impression. Looking put together is relevant to any face-to-face job interview as this helps determine if you’ll get hired. Appearing overly chic while exercising outdoors is unintelligent and foolish. Being different is okay but having common sense with fashion is a useful quality when you need something fitting to wear.

Must Be Appropriate

A top that’s too revealing or not bold enough could make or break any outfit. Being educated and informed about the best style for you makes it easier to be confident that you aren’t misjudged. Showing too much skin may bring the wrong attention and cause discomfort for yourself and others. Oftentimes what others think matters and some people will believe what you wear dictates your morals and values. Showing another side of yourself by wearing fun outfits may be fine but it’s often disrespectful to cross other peoples’ boundaries by overdoing it.

These are a few reasons why it’s important to pick a top that fits you as an individual. A top can be more than just clothing or pretty. Sometimes seemingly small things can have a bigger effect on others than you might think.