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Top Mid Fade Haircut Ideas To Freshen You Up

Taper haircuts have made their comeback recently, and we get why they`ve got so popular again. A neat and accurate appearance brings a unique mood to the whole look of the person. Are you ready to feel such an effect on yourself? Then choose your mid fade idea that will make you feel confident about your look at any time. Does it sound appealing to you? Get inspired with us, and you will be pleased with the results.


  1. Mid Fade With Faux Hawk

We love a mid fade cause of the way we can combine it with different types of hairstyles. Would you like to keep the top of your hair longer? There`s no problem. Just leave a faux hawk and complete it with a mid fade that will gradually turn into longer hair. Doesn`t it look perfect? Styling won`t be a problem and not much time will be spent on your hair in the mornings.

  1. Afro Mid Fade

There`s nothing more difficult to tame than curly afro hair. However, we have a gorgeous way that will help you out and save your time every day. You don`t have to do much. Just keep your hair short at the top, so it creates an updo because of the volume and structure and completes such a look with mid fade sides. Wow! That`s what everyone will say about your hair.

3.Comb Over Mid Fade

Is your hair curly and you have no idea what hairstyle to choose to make it look naturally styled? We have an idea in mind that you will love. Bring a mid fade to your sides that is gradually going up into longer hair. Curling in different directions it will be looking so charming that everyone will go crazy about its uniqueness. Isn`t that the effect you are looking for?

  1. Taper Fade

We love a taper fade hairstyle! There is something special that it brings to the whole look of the person, don`t you think so? A graduate fade will make you look neat every day turning more and more attention to your entire appearance. People who have chosen it suggest not hesitating about trying it. Are you ready to experiment with it?

  1. Undercut Fade

Undercut hairstyles bring so many ideas on how to style your hair. Longer at the top with taper fade sides, it will for sure give you many options in styling. If you are ready to play with different ideas, it is a perfect variation that will provide you with a new variant every day. A pompadour, a quiff or a slicked-back hairstyle, it`s up to you. Make your hair match your mood.