Still confused about how you look? Check out the following

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Okay, back with the fashion trend. The journey and development of women’s fashion will never stop with new innovations. Starting from casual women’s clothes, dresses, crop-tops, or other styles, it will continue to change over time.

Girls, you must know that we men like you the way you are. However, sometimes the question “is this good or not?” Or “how do I look?” Becomes a big question mark for us Adam. Trust me, this is enough to make us men confused to answer it. But maybe some of the tips below will help answer all of your troubles.

“Simple, adjust to the circumstances”

If the word Bruno Mars is’ cause you are amazing, just the way you are. Believe me, if love is sure to accept everything without demanding. Men like women who appear simple but adapt to circumstances and situations. For example, you and your partner want to take a walk or just for “urgent” situations such as eating and such, wear casual clothes that are simple but look elegant without having to “bother yourself”. Always make it a habit to read situations, if it’s formal then wear formal clothes.

“Stop asking, be confident”

This is something that is often done by women. It’s not wrong, but it’s good for you to be confident in your appearance. But if you are too lacking in confidence, that question can be asked of your partner. It is better not to ask men too often, because men do not know how well women look.

“… do I look fat or not?”

This question is a little sensitive. Honestly, it could be fatal. Lies, later it will be a joke for netizens. The right answer is how you can adapt your body character to the appearance you expect. Back again to point number 2, confidence is the key to your appearance. When you feel comfortable, then you will be confident in what you are showing your partner.

So, how about girls? You don’t need to be overly dressed to look beautiful to men. Men will be happy with women who are. If Michael Bubble said the answer to ‘do I look all right?’ Well, ‘you look wonderful tonight’.