How to Blow Your Own Hair Permanently at Home

Blow is not just drying hair, not just a routine ritual after washing hair with shampoo. Although done alone, blow can produce hairstyle like a professional result. Discover how to blow your own hair effectively so you no longer need to go to the beauty shop.

But before knowing it yourself, there are some things to note. They are the process of washing hair that must be precise. Do not take too long using shampoo or conditioner. If all three aspects of the above have been obeyed, then the hair blow activity will be very enjoyable. Here are some ways to blow your own Hair & Wigs at home that is easy and practical but with a result like a pro.


  1. Hair Roll

In addition to shampooing techniques that need attention, patience and patience are also key in how to blow your own hair. Hair drying is a tiring thing. Your hands will be very tired when blowing their own hair. Especially for those wants to grow the hair naturally long and thick, it takes longer to dry it. Therefore, the painstaking nature must be had to get the maximum blow result.

Here’s how to blow your own hair using a hair roller:

  • Short hair does not mean minimal style.
  • How to blow the right can make your short hair look very charming.
  • Make a blow hair immediately after shampooing with shampoo plus conditioner. Do blow from root to tip.
  • If the hair is very thin, then do the blow just at the bottom of the head only.

  1. Flat Iron

Hair that expands, wavy, curly, bend inward, looks thick or even just stunning, you can have by doing your own blow at home. No special skills needed to do it. Without knowing any professional skills, you can do your own blow with perfect results.

Here’s how to blow your own hair easily by using flat iron:

  • Upper hair clip.
  • Pinch just for a moment, no need to pay attention to detail. Then start blow from the back of the head.
  • Use a flat comb to wipe the hair forward.
  • It can produce hair that expands. Do it repeatedly on each side.

  1. Hair Dryer

Curly hair can be produced perfectly even with just a hair-blow. The trick, describe all the hair and comb neatly. Rotate or roll hair with a comb while drying it.

When released, a circular curl will be generated. Keep repeating until all hair is dry. Here’s how to blow your own hair using a hair dryer:

  • Use the volumizer at the root of the hair to the end.
  • Apply before using conditioner.
  • Hair nutrients can help and facilitate you when you blow your own hair. The result will make the hair look volume.

  1. Hair Lotion

The type of comb that is used when doing a blow is also very support the perfection of a beautiful hairdo. The type of comb needed will differ depending on the hairstyle you want to shape, and how long your hair is. Therefore, before knowing how to blow your own hair, make sure the comb is used is the right comb.

Here’s how to blow your own hair using hair lotion:

  • After the blow process, use the hair lotion slowly.
  • For short hair, use a little lotion by using a finger.
  • Apply between strands of hair.
  • This can make your blow more perfect and durable.

  1. Hairpin

Wash your hair with shampoo quickly and not too long. The reason is, shampooing too long will make the hair more smooth, soft and weak. Such hair will make hair wavy without your trouble when blow hair. If you like soft hair, then do not get it from shampoo and conditioner. Use special hair lotion to get soft hair.

Here’s how to blow hair by using tongs:

  • Although your hair is short, still use hair clips to blow process fast but maximum results.
  • Pinch the hair on each side, especially on the front.
  • Remove one by one alternately if the hair is completely dry.