Easy Tips for Keeping Your Slippers Clean.


When it comes to your closet, shoes, and slippers are very important part of it. It is so much important to keep your closet clean and maintain proper hygiene. Clothes are very easy to clean as you can simply go for the laundry but the difficult part is the shoes and accessories. They are also supposed to be cleaned. There are some simple tips and tricks that you can use to clean your slippers. Follow these tips and keep your slippers clean.

1. Use a doormat

It is very common that people use a doormat at their doors so that no dust can enter with the shoes and slippers of those who enter the house. It is also useful in order to keep your slippers clean as if you simply rub off all the dirt from the soul of your slippers at the end of the day then they will stay clean for a longer time. You can a different doormat for every room in your house and you can also use them at workplaces. It is helpful in keeping your slippers as well as your house clean and hygienic.

2. Wash more often

It is important that you keep your slippers clean in order to avoid any kind of foot infection and to maintain hygiene. You should wash your slippers at least once a week. You cannot wash them every day but it is easy to wash them once in a while. It is also recommended to keep more pairs of slippers so that you can use another one in case the first one is not clean enough. Proper cleaning of slippers will maintain their look for a longer time and also will prevent them from getting bad odor which is caused due to sweaty feet.

3. Differentiate

It is highly recommended that you divide your slippers according to their use. You should keep one pair as your bathroom slippers and they should not be mistaken with your daily wear slippers. Then comes the slippers that you use for outings, they should also be kept separately. The more slippers you have the more is better but only if you keep all of them properly separated and clean.

4. Use correct washing technique

You need to understand that slippers should be washed separately and should be cleaned very carefully. You need to use a neutral detergent which is not harsh on the slippers. If you have some slippers which have sensitive materials used on them then wash them separately and more carefully. It is best to be more careful while washing your slippers as they can be ruined easily if not washed and dried properly. It is also important to understand that any chemical that you will be using on your slippers will be directly in touch with your feet later, so it is best to use skin friendly cleaners only.


5. Let them breathe

Our slippers go through so much heat, dirt, dust, and sweat every day so it is very important to let them stay in fresh air and sunlight for some time.  The slippers are usually made out of rubber and rubber can absorb many toxins from the environment and become very smelly. It is highly recommended to air dry your slippers in open sunlight after every time you wash them. It is also important because in case the slippers do not get properly dried they can be ruined easily by moisture. The sweat and water create a high moisture content in our slippers which can cause bacteria build up and it can be harmful to your feet.