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Worried about how to apply sugar skull makeup for the oncoming day of the dead? Worry not.  Here is what you need to know.


The Best Way to Apply Sugar Skull Makeup for The Day of The Dead Celebrations

A sugar skull makeup is a unique style of makeup which is worn during the celebrations of the day of the dead. The name ‘sugar skull’ came about due to the way it mimics the candy skull which is specially used during the celebrations.

Applying this makeup has become a common tradition as it is effortless to achieve for many people. Although there is fundamentally unlimited sugar skull makeup, accomplishing the typical look is quite easy.

Part 1- Creating the Base

a. Wash, Moisturise and Prime the Face

Use your preferred cleanser to wash your face. Sugar skull makeup requires a clean and moisturised face for smooth application. So, make sure the face is well moisturised because lots of makeup can make the face dry.

b. Apply White Base on The Entire Face

It is advised not to utilise anything grease-based such as clown paint. Instead, use water-based makeup such as theatrical and white kabuki. You can order them online. Use a sponge to put the makeup on the face. Avoid area close to your eyes. Don’t apply it on your lips too.

c. Set the Base Using A Powder

Use a typical powder to cover the entire face. You can use both powder or powder puff. However, when you choose puff dab rather than wiping to avoid the white base, you have applied being smeared.

d. Draw Circles Around the Eye

You can utilise either nude pencil, eyeliner pencil or cream eyeshadow to draw the lines. The goal is to detach the entire area of the eye you want to accentuate. The circle should emphasise the whole eye socket starting at the top of eyebrows to the bottom of the eye socket.


Part 2-Emphasising the Eyes

a. Apply Mascara

Apply two to three layers of mascara because you want to achieve a darker look. We recommend you use a coat of brown mascara and a black one to give you a fuller look.

b. Apply Darker Eyeliner to The Eyes

For sugar skull makeup, you apply the eyeliner just the same way you use for beauty. However, make sure half up of an eyelid is covered. Ensure also the outside and inside corners are well painted.

c. Blend Eyelashes to Eyebrows

Use a blender brush to blend the eyeshadow from the bottom filling in the circle all the way starting at the eyelashes to the eyebrow.

d. Add Subtle Dots on The Outer Edge of The Drawn Circle.

Use the eyeliner to place dots around the line. If you want a simple look, you can opt for a circle filled with black and black dots outside.

Part 3-Emphasising the Mouth and Nose

a. Paint the Lips

Apply basic lipsticks. Pale pink and brilliant red are the best, but you can go for any choice.

b. Have Small Vertical Lines Over the Horizontal Line

This finishes the stitching of the mouth.

c. Paint the Nose

You can emphasise the nose by using a liquid eyeliner or black paint. Begin on the nose bridge and apply the paint to the tip creating a triangle with round points.

Part 4-Adding Extra Features

a. Craft Spiderwebs On the Cheek and Forehead

Draw two lines resembling the tips of a triangle on the forehead with tips pointing to the nose. Craft third line down at the centre of the first two lines.

b. Draw Crosses and Hearts

Use a black eyeliner to draw crosses on the forehead and another at the cheeks. Draw a heart at the chin. It shows the spiritual aspects and love of the day of the dead.

c. Draw Flowers

Flowers can be utilised to customise the look in a myriad of ways. Keep it low with a flower on your cheek or the entire flower commencing at the temple all the way down to the jaws. You can also choose to draw some petals around the sugar skull makeup on the eyes.