5 Fashion Items That Never Leave The Age



We may have our own style preferences for now. However, the style that is a trend that is not necessarily fit if used five years. But, there are people who seem always stylish despite his age continues to grow. Apparently, there are tricks to choose clothes that can be applied so that our dress style never stale or inedible time. Hollywood fashion director, Anita Patrickson suggested that we choose clothes that fit the body and can support the appearance. Sometimes, he says, many people have many clothes and mix and match them. In dressing, we just need to enjoy what we have and dare to explore. Beyond that, there are clothes or fashion products that tend to be inedible time. So that we can use it anytime, either now or the next few years. Anyone at any age can still use it. “This is how we make our outfits look young and fresh, even something as simple as jeans and white shirts can be an option,” Patrickson said as quoted from wowwhatwear.com. Patrickson then mentioned five fashion items that can help our appearance is always “up to date “with old items.

  1. Accessories that are not matching

Accessories are often used as stylistic support. Simple outfits will seem to be more assertive and stylish when we add accessories. Therefore, Patrickson advises us to have accessories as “assets” that can be used for years to come. He advises us to have accessories that do not match each other. Thus, accessories like this will be used anytime and anywhere. Some examples are cat-eye goggles, leather handbags, rattan leather bags, resin bracelets, and more.

  1. Jeans

It’s no secret if jeans become a fashion item mainstay that is never in time. Like any style you try to keep a pair or a few jeans at home to be combined with any outfit.

  1. Fashionable earring

Earrings can also be special accessories that support our appearance. Choose what suits your personal style and try to save multiple pairs. Earrings can also be used as an accessory for women with hijab in order to look more stylish. How, by pinned it behind the veil and let it dangle.

  1. Beautiful shoes

Shoes are often used as long-term assets. However, in a style context, try having some pretty shoes to wear on certain occasions. Some examples, such as high heels, pumps, or can also slingback with a beautiful ribbon on the back.

  1. Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit also became one of the fashion products that are not in time. Try to have a jumpsuit with neutral colors, like white, black, brown, with motifs that are also neutral like stripes (lines). You can use it directly or combine it with other clothes, such as a blazer.